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Mad Men Season 5 Fashions →

So far, the show has spanned five years — 1960-1965, with each new season taking place one or two years after the previous one. Assuming this pace, I would guess that the show will pick up in Spring of 1967. If you’re participating in this challenge you can, of course, choose any fashion trend from Mad Men. However, if you want to be a little fashion-forward, here’s my take on what the women of Mad Men will be wearing next season.

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She’s doing it a’ la mode…

Although Alison Messinger has been filtering the visual world through a discerning eye since she was a child, she credits a five-week trip to Paris for jump-starting her eclectic style. “When I came back from Paris, I was like, ‘Oh my god, it’s so ugly here’,” says the 26 year old, who grew up in the Bay Area. “I thought, ‘Well I can’t change the architecture, but at least I can change up my personal look’.”
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Emily Reichel

From the age of five when she was caught red-handed with a paintbrush adding “swirly designs” on her brand-new bedroom furniture, Emily Reichel realized she had a passion for injecting her personal stamp onto the visual world. “I used to drive my mother crazy,” says the 24 year-old. “At that point, my parents didn’t think what I was doing was too cool.”
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